Bridge of the World

パントン FCはシラチャを拠点に世界で活躍する選手の育成と、タイと日本の架け橋となることを目指します!

Phanthong FC's home town is "Sriracha". 
We are aiming to produce the players to the European top league from Sriracha in the future.
We also hope to be the bridge between Thai and Japanese people.


Since the beginning of 2019 Phanthong FC has re-started with new players and new staffs. We selected 6 players from Assumpution College Sriracha and have been attending Thai professional league 4th division.
The new Phanthong FC hope to gain a number of supports.


Pride of "Professional"

We are playing with the appreciation for cheering up from the people. We promise every single play is been tried by 100%, 120% energy and passion. We hope we can provide "Victories" and "smiles"   


President "Yuki Nakata"

地域の皆様に愛されるチーム作りを、チームスローガン”Bridge of the World”が、わが町シラチャのスローガンとなることを目指して日々、精進いたします。
For Phanthong FC will be loved by Sriracha town and people, I hope catch copy of the team "Bridge of the world" will be delivered all over Sriracha town.


Manager "Hiroki Ono" 

イギリス ノッツカウンティー、オランダ VVVフェンロ、日 本 ベガルタ仙台、タイ パタヤユナイテッドで主にユース世 代の育成に携わる。ヨーロッパ、日本で培った最先端のコーチングスキルを駆使し、チームを勝利へ導きます。

He was involved in bringing up youngsters in Notts County FC in UK, VVV-Venlo in Netherlands, Vegalta Sendai in Japan and Pattaya United in Thailand. The advanced knowledge he gained in top level football will lead the team to victories .


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